What to do before you apply for a job

Unemployment is an issue in our growing economy. We have a high unemployment rate and some people seem to be hopeless when it comes to getting a job. This has however increased the number of entrepreneurs as small businesses are opening daily. We can’t give up!

For those still hunting and looking for that job, here are few things you should know/do  before applying for that job.

* Practice your Ms Word, Ms Excel and maybe power point. Most companies believe you can do any assigned task on this without supervision. Use someone’s laptop few times a week will help in brushing you up. 

*Acquire some basic business skills such as budgeting, book-keeping, project planning, team leadership

* Improve your communication skills. Correct usage of tenses. Correct pronunciation of words.

* Discard your pride, I T K and nonchalance. Be confident and respond to questions when you are asked.

* Go for training, workshops & seminars. Some of these workshops are done online.

* Practice punctuality. Start preparing by being punctual when you go to church, visit your friends, attend parties or even run errands.

The points listed above does not only apply for job seekers. They are vital skills for Entrepreneurs in the making. No skill is useless.

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