Stop paying attention to haters

The moment you start to believe that no man created by God can ruin your destiny or stop you from attaining the heights God has laid out for you the better.

I laugh when I hear a lot of people say “my village people are against my destiny or my enemies/haters. You can become your own enemy when you think too much about “these things/people”. Don’t divert your energy from pursuing your goal to finding “imaginary enemies”. Channel your efforts to make your life better or be where you want to be instead of trying to pray bad people out of your life.

Don’t get me wrong I know some of these forces exist and they have their agents that may come through friends, family, colleagues but have you tried the “ignoring syndrome?”

See! Some of these people are almost unavoidable sometimes because of the roles they play. You need to sometimes avoid and ignore such negative people. Stop giving them so much attention.

PS: I’m not a motivational speaker neither am I trying to motivate you, I am just tired of hearing the enemy gist! Please stop

3 thoughts on “Stop paying attention to haters

  1. Yes, when we are kingdom minded, we should only focus on Jesus and his finished works on the cross and not what the devil is trying to do or what he already did. Nice piece girl!

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