Basic life skills you should have

Our daily life demand us doing some simple things that can make life easy especially when help is not readily available. Here are some skills you should have.

  • How to use a needle, thread and scissors – So you realised one of your shirts or trouser has a missing button or perhaps it’s that of your child, would you wait for your tailor to fix it or you’ll just do it yourself? It’s not a big deal to do this minor task especially when your tailor is always busy and he/she will definitely charge you for this little fix. Knowing how to do this should not be gender restricted.
  • How to use a hammer – The nail seems to be coming out of the shelf which means the shelf and everything inside or on it will fall too, will you wait for the carpenter to come over and meet the shelf on the floor or you will rather fix it? Please if you can’t use the hammer, give it a trial today.
  • Turning on a generator – Generator is important to the everyday life of a Nigerian despite the noise and air pollution that we encounter using it. Which means knowing how to put it on and off is a must. If you don’t have the strength to pull it in order for it to come on, you can replace it with something easier.
  • Attaching cords – This might look like it’s a job strictly for the masculine gender, but it actually isn’t. A lot of times, cords need to fixed and refixed especially when you have only yourself as the available person. So why not learn how to fix it.
  • Installing new appliances – You don’t need a specialist for this job. All you need is a manual and an unwavering attention. Finish!

The major importance of the above abilities is that it saves you from some unnecessary expenses and time as well. If you can’t do these things, learn from anyone around you. You’ll be at a better advantage.

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