Nollywood stereotypes that needs to be changed

I love watching Nigerian movies (Nollywood). Even though I’ll complain about some obvious and not too obvious mistakes, I’ll still go ahead to watch another one. But certain roles actually calls for serious concern and recharacterization (if there is a word like that)

* Gateman – Why are gatemen always dumb or disabled? At first it used to be very funny, but it’s now annoying. If you had a gateman like the ones you see in Nigeria movies, will you allow him to stay another night. A gateman secures and protects abi if you want a comedian just employ one that will be cracking you up always.

* Driver – So you are on a trip somewhere and all your driver is doing is to make you laugh and poke nose most of the time … As in would you still allow the driver work for you? So why do drivers in our movies do this

* Artisans/ uneducated roles (i.e thrift collectors, hawkers) – Are we saying Nigeria don’t have smart individuals that are artisans or that dresses very well. Would you make a daily contribution to a man/woman that dresses with different colors and patterns or a generator repairer that uses lewd words every time? So why portray them like that in these movies.

Don’t get me wrong, comic relief is sometimes necessary for some movies especially movies with a feel of comedy. But for serious movies, we think it’s a little too much. We need to understand that movies act as a narrative portraying the people as they are. What we tell the world about us via this medium is what they see us to be.

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