Nigerian wins Canadian legislative seat

Uzoma Asagwara a Nigerian-Canadiam has made history as one of the first three blacks to win seats in the Manitoban Legislative Assembly. She won this seat as an NDP (New Democratic Party) candidate winning Union Station a constituency that includes Winnipeg’s downtown.

She said her victory is a sign people are making sure they elect officials who are passionate about their communities.
Asagwara is a Canadian politician who prior to the election, worked as a psychiatric nurse specializing in adult and youth mental health and addictions.

She has a history as a grassroots community activist, educator, entrepreneur and mental health advocate and currently serve as a member of the Women’s Health Clinic board of directors.
Asagwara was also a member of the Canadian national women’s basketball and acts as a mentor for youth athletes in downtown Winnipeg.

She got elected into Manitoba’s Legislative Assembly alongside Jamie Moses and Audrey Gordon

Uzoma Asagwara

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