Lagos markets with lowest prices

Lagos is one of the most populous cities in the world. With its ever growing population, the city seems to be shrinking. But who no wan come Lasgidi. Anyway for Lagos JJC and soon to be JJC, below are some of the popular markets you can get the lowest prices.

Eko: This market is the best among the rest. There is nothing that can’t be found in Eko Market in terms of clothes, household and kitchen utensils, shoes, books and much more. It is a market for both wholesalers and retailers. It is located on Lagos Island.

Lagos Market RenewAfrica

Mile 12: This is the go to market for foodstuffs. This is the base of every food stuff that comes into Lagos state. It is located in Mile 12

Oshodi : Named after its location, this market is one place where you can get all you need. It’s a mixture of Eko and mile 12.

Oke-odo: This market is also a good stuff market serving the populace that resides in Alimosho axis.

Katangwa: This is a market for every fairly used wear (shoes and clothes) for both young and old. It is located on the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway.

Ladipo : This is the go-to market for every thing vehicle. No vehicle part is unavailable here.

Trade Fair: This market is known to sell so many things i.e make- up , accessories, clothing and household items. It is located on the Mile 2- Badagry corridor.

Abattoirs : There are several abattoirs scattered in Lagos state. This abattoirs take care of your meat needs. Animals especially cows and goats are sold in whole or parts after it has been butchered.

So when you are in Lagos state and you need to go gritty while shopping cheap, consider these markets. The experience would blow your mind!!!

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