Items you must have in your car

For a soon to be motorist in Nigeria, there is more to having a vehicle to commute with. Certain important things need to be put in place. Below are must haves as you move into Nigerian roads.

Fire extinguisher – This is very necessary. In case of a fire incident, you won’t need to be stranded when in such situations. This is very important as the usage of water will do more harm than good.
Driver’s license – This is what enables you to drive a vehicle in the first instance. No driver’s license, no driving.
Spare Tyre – In case your tyre lessens or it’s punctured you will have a extra tyre as a replacement.
Wheel spanner – This is used to loosen the nuts when changing the tyre.
Jack and wheel spanner – This is used to lift the vehicle up so as to easily loosen the nuts when changing the tyre.
Motor insurance – The law requires that you get either a third party or comprehensive insurance. Having an insurance is essential because it covers your expenses in the event of vehicle damage or injuries to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. It is reviewed yearly.
Vehicle licence – This is a license showing if the vehicle is fit to be on the road.
Road worthiness – This document just like insurance is renewed yearly to show if the vehicle has not suffered wear and tear that can deter it from plying on Nigerian roads.

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