Ignorance is not always bliss

Have you ever encountered a situation where you are having a simple conversation about events or current affairs with someone and the person appears clueless? Clueless not because he/she can’t understand you, but because of the individual’s lack of knowledge regarding the issue even when it’s the simplest question that one can think of.

This seemingly and self inflicted clueless state is the next biggest threat to us. You don’t understand, abi?

Someone was asked where the Former President Goodluck Jonathan hails from and her response was “… It’s Rivers.” The person however put up an “I don’t care” attitude after been corrected.

“The capital of Taraba is Dutse now, it is dutse.” “When I travel outside Africa, I will visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt.” “Please which one is Ms Excel, power point, hmmm” “June 12 is for MKO Abiola, the day that he died”

The list is endless of how people arrogantly have little or no idea about the simplest things. Topics ranging from issues happening within the political terrain, health, social issues, history and so on. It’s not wrong to say this seemingly clueless state is that of intentional ignorance. A state of ignorance which we inflict on ourselves by blocking our minds from accepting any information that we don’t want.

Sometimes, to have a sane conversation with a youth seems impossible. It’s not a crime to be ignorant about certain things. No individual is called “knowledge”, however intentionally depriving oneself of gaining knowledge should be a criminal offence. We need to read more, be a knowledge absorber and be ready to interact more. All these demands a will. The will to succeed is intentional so should the will to gain knowledge be intentional.

Don’t come and be forming high shoulder on high dullness. Ignorance is not always bliss!

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