Hussle and Passion

As I rolled the next ball of “Ojojo” into the hot oil, I thought, “should I start selling this snack to make money.” At least I can fry 50 pieces from a 200naira worth tuber of water yam. If I sell each for 10 naira that is 500 naira sales. Last last I’ll make a profit of 150 naira after deducting expenses such as oil, pepper and salt. If I calculate 150 naira profit multiplied by the number of yams I grate… Hmmm.

Then I remembered the story of a woman that built a house from proceeds of selling Dundun(fried yam) and Akara. If it is not profitable, that woman that sells kosh and dosh at the front of my alma mater would have packed up and stopped business. Should I do this fries business for real?

I thought briefly about passion and hustle. Passion is beautiful, it’s good, it’s a drive for you to achieve your goals and prosper, it makes you feel fulfilled. But does passion always put food on the table? Hustle on the other hand is the drive to make money, meet your needs and be comfortable. But does it make you fulfilled?

I’m not a motivational speaker but I’ve come to realize that since fulfillment and comfort are important to living life, we can combine our passion and hustling together. You can be a while and fashion designer, actress and make up artist, poet and phone repairer, speaker and transporter, and the list is endless.

You can combine your passion and hustle as a profession or do both separately. Your husle will bring you money to enjoy your passion.

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