How we are all enabling fraud

Nigeria as a nation is seen as a criminal enterprise. Thanks to youths who eschew morals and deliberately embrace a life of fraud and crime. Some aided and abetted by their parents, extended family, communities & society. WE ALL OWN THE BLAME in our current predicament of FBI indictments.

It started with the phrase “work smart and not hard”. A truism of management which means prioritise, time management, SWOT, using technology to aid pragmatic delivery of work but Nigerians gave it a new meaning of DO FRAUD and NOT HARD WORK. No sir, No. You work hard & smart.

Evil parents turn their daughters into ‘runs girls’ for money. Any parent who takes money from his/her daughter without knowing the source of that money is an enabler of prostitution. Likewise taking money from sons who have no verifiable means of income. You are all rogues.

Elites who argue against age old tenets of morality & industry-“live within your means” -you are all rogues inwardly. I careless about your status in life, you are rogues when you know the principles are correct but nevertheless twist & bend it to support a dubious agenda.

Policemen who arrest complicit youths not for purposes of prosecution but simply to extort them – You are all rogues and all who allow their children to fit the personification of Yahoo yahoo gangs & yet turn around to pontificate on profiling.

People who listen to and dance to “Yahoo” supporting songs are all complicit. All who respect rogues and rogues in the making are all rogues. All rogue politicians are all rogues. Sad!

FBI Indictments of Nigerian Fraudsters

One thought on “How we are all enabling fraud

  1. You just hit the nail on the head.
    Crime festers in Nigeria because,sadly the body mandated to be checkmating criminals have become criminals or are on the payroll of criminals.
    Nigerians still don`t realize it that we will all pay for whatever we sow,even to the fifth generation.

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