How not to stumble on an escalator

The year was 2014, My friends and I were attending an event in a mall. We went downstairs to get some snacks at the supermarket. On our way back up we decided to use the escalator instead of the stairs. One of us who spearheaded the decision said “Wetin dey there?”. So since we thought of the fact that  nothing “dey there”, we all climbed with caution as yours truly grabbed onto the hand rail like my rise and fall depended on it. Funny enough our spearheader fell off the escalator and I roared with laughter.

Anyway, that incident made me stay off escalators for a while and even now I climb it with triple extra caution. I think I can help you a little regarding climbing an escalator without stumbling.

1. You are not about to climb the stairs. So don’t move your feet to another step. Just place it on the first step close to you and let the escalator move.

2. Don’t form Don Jazzy. Please hold the hand rail. At least you are going to be prevented from tripping.

4. Concentrate on your destination. You don’t have any business looking down or sideways because you just might loose your balance.

5. When you get to the the top or bottom of the escalator where are to get off, please do that promptly. The escalator does not stop moving.

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