How I discovered Masa – an amazing african snack

My first time seeing Masa was when I sent to get akara in Abuja. After moving around for a while, I spotted this woman sitting and frying what looked like Akara. I was surprised that she was using a big frying pan with round holes.

“So akara is now made this way. Wow. Very easy” I thought. I waited for a while with other buyers for her to bring the akara out once it’s brown. Well she brought it out and it just didn’t have that akara brownness and that was when I began to wonder. I guess my look caught someone’s attention as he asked me what I wanted to buy and on telling him it was akara, he helped my situation and saved me from further delay by telling me that the woman was frying Masa. Ma…what. I left that place angry at everything and never saw anything good in this snack anytime I come across it.

Years later while I was in the University Masa was sold across the school Campus. I did not show any interest until I saw one of my colleagues eating it with so much relish. It looked unbelievable as she ate it. I questioned her and why she is eating it. She told me about how good it taste and the fact that I was missing a lot. The ‘missing a lot’ motivated me and I proceeded to taste it. Ehn… Ehn… I decided to take one more and that was how I got hooked.

Masa became my everyday breakfast when I was too tired to cook or due to early morning lectures/rehearsal. I had a customer who I monitored and knew her voice. I enjoyed it with Yaji (a combination of grounded pepper and other sweet spices commonly used for suya) and even when I got to know about the soup that can serve as an alternative, I stuck to my Yaji.

Masa is made with rice (soaked & blended) mixed with other nutritious ingredients and fried with oil. It is a common snack in the northern part of Nigeria with customers patronising its makers dutifully.

I was shocked at how much I came to love Masa. I guess it taught me to never judge a book sorry food by the first ‘no taste attempt’ experience. So when you happen to be in this axis of the nation, try Masa. It’s either you love it or…
Please where can I get Masa in Lagos?

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