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    Here are some of the technologies that I believe will make the most impact in the next 10 years;

    Cryptocurency will be an official currency

    The largest online social media platform, Facebook recently announced a crypto-currency named Libra. Before then crypto-curencies like Bitcoin have become popular with some valued people share values at billions of dollars. With Facebook Libra, everyone will be able to trade and exchange value with the worlds first universal currency. You can read more on Libra here.

    People will go to Mars
    The first robot was sent to Mars in —. However it has been a dream for humans to visit the red planet. This dream is about to become a reality thanks to Elon Musk SpaceX. After several successful launch, landing and re-flights of rockets, the billionaire is currently building the Starship which he believe will take humans to mars in —. He plans to colonize Mars and make it habitable once humans start arriving.

    Electric planes for commercial travel
    It would have been almost unbelievable if we were told airplane will one day be powered by batteries but thanks to companies like Eviation Aircraft, the first commercial electric airplane has already taking flight and will be certified for public transport in two years.

    Internet access will be free
    Facebook and Google are currently working on making internet access free especially in the developing countries of the world. Accessing Facebook is already free in some countries. SpaceX also recently launched hundreds of satellites that will beam internet from space. We might not be paying any fee to surfs the internet by 2030.

    Robots will do more work
    Robots are already doing the hardest jobs for us. For example most welding in car manufacturing are now done by robots and thanks to drones they can now go even place we dare not. With artificial Intelligence and machine learning, robots will be do more intelligent work like writing books, taking restaurant order, providing care and even acting in movies. Disney recently announced and showcased robots trained to be stunts double for professional actors.

    Please share other technologies you think will make impact in the comment section below.

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