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    Moving within Lagos is not moi moi. It’s a journey that should be well thought out and acted on. Below are some tips to having a near smooth journey within Lagos in a yellow bus

    * Ask for directions from shop owners, market women or a group of elderly drivers (this is for a JJC in Lagos or a part of Lagos)

    * Enter the bus at a designated garage if possible.

    * Ask the conductor and driver if the bus will stop at your designated bus-stop (ask this question at most 3 times and don’t mind their complaints. All you need is their assurance. If not you will spend money taking another bus. You understand ba?)

    * Watch what you say, what you do, hold on tight to your belongings and keep checking them.

    * Please let the conductor and driver know that you will soon alight. Don’t just say it, please shout it. If not you’ll hear “I no hear you”.

    * Come down as quick as you can.

    * Above all follow your instincts.

    * Always have small denomination of Naira to avoid loosing your change to the conductor or been married to another passenger.

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