Five ways ways to find clients

If you do not have clients, you do not have a business. It is extremely important you learn how to find clients. Here how you can.

1. Use your existing contacts

A lot of number of successful businesses got their first clients through their friends, family and acquaintances.For example, if you want to make websites, just ask your friends if they need a website or if they know anyone who does and could put you in touch. Remember to make sure they pay.

2. Do cold calling

You can personally contact potential clients and ask if they need your services. However, you should be careful not to spam and not to make unsolicited calls.

3. Leverage existing clients

Once you get your first happy clients, make sure to keep them. Moreover, encourage them to recommend them to your friends and business associates. Offer discounts to your clients if they recommend you to their friends.

4. Establish a web presence for the keywords your potential clients search for

If your expertise is something that people are likely to search for on a search engine, you should try to appear on as many of the relevant search results as possible. Make sure to leave useful comments and answer questions on as many pages that people find when searching your keywords as possible.

5. Go where your clients go

You need to find out where your potential clients are. Know what kind of online forums, conferences, and events they go to. Once you know, set up and maintain an active profile on the same websites, go to the same conferences and events, and otherwise try to make yourself known to them.

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