Few things you should know about Energy-saving light bulbs

Some energy saving light bulbs are either CFL’s compact fluorescent lamp or LED’s light emitting diode. Unlike the traditional incandescent light bulbs which we have been used to the CFL and LED light bulbs are more expensive. However, the benefits below should prove to you that you are better of with the new than the old.

  • This new generation of light bulbs shine brighter, last longer, and requires less amount of energy to power them.
  • They’re an efficient everyday solution that helps in lowering your electricity bill which is what people in this part of the world constantly wish and clamour for.
  • They last much longer, are cool to the touch and generate significantly less carbon dioxide.

We don’t want to bore you with plenty electrical grammar so we’ll advice that for natural light, consider energy saving bulbs that are described as soft or warm white while for spotlights, garages or areas that require more light than usual, use pure white light bulbs.

N:B – Are you still confused about the term CFL, LED and incandescent?
CFL and LED are light bulbs that mainly emit white light while incandescent light bulbs that emit yellow light. Gerrit? Shikena!

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