Akara is “Akara”

For a while now, Akara has been englishfied as “bean cake” and I’m like “re u serious?” If you don’t know Akara, let me enlighten you.

Akara can be described as a food or snack depending on the context in which you are eating it. It is made by blending beans into a very smooth paste, spicing it with some ingredients and frying it using either palm oil or groundnut oil depending on your preference. Akara is known throughout Nigeria and it’s a regular food/snack for all. Yummy and yummy.

Anyway why did I remember Akara, someone wanted to describe it to me and he said ‘bean cake’. With shock written all over me, I asked him to repeat what he said. “Bean cake” he said. I almost gave up but I decided to wake him up with a little reorientation.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is Pizza in your native language? What is Sharwama called in your local language? And Burger? Spaghetti? We definitely don’t know. So why can’t we import “Akara” as “Akara”. We don’t need all these change of names for our food abi which one is easier for you to call? Akara or bean cake? Garri or cassava flakes? Eba or hot cassava flakes mixture?

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