Adire – The Origin

The identity of every being is reflected in its culture which comprises of language, dressing, food, moral values, music, tradition, name e.t.c. Adire also known as Kampala or Tie & Dye is a major identity of the Egba people of Ogun State.

This beautiful cloth with hand made designs is a form of identity that is very much relevant. Despite the influence of the western culture on our dressing, Adire is been exported abroad. The first time I heard that this beautiful cloth has a market in Abeokuta, capital of Ogun State, I knew I needed to get there. I’ve always loved this specially made cloth that make its wearer uniquely different.

Itokun is a big market where clothes are sold but its peculiarity for Adire is unwavered. The dye is in Itokun, the designers are in itokun and the sellers are in itokun. Therefore, itokun is the go to place for anything Adire. The people involved in keeping these part of the Egba culture have not called it quits. They are dedicated to getting beautifully designed clothes out every time and because of them an identity is still kept.

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