A trip to Jos city

Cool people, beautiful scenery and a cold soothing atmosphere is what first hits you in the face on your first encounter to this town. For first time visitors like me, you are forced to love it like I did. It grasps you and makes you feel at home, really at home. That is work that only Jos can do.


On this trip, we came through Kaduna and need I say my co-travellers and I were shocked at the sight which we beheld at the boundaries between Kaduna and Jos. Well laid rock formations, with clean beautiful road in between. Mountains with beautiful grassland at its feet awed me. It felt like a movie scene. I was hungry to see what Jos looked like.

The entrance to Jos welcomed us with Irish potatoes. I smiled. No wonder this J.town (as it’s fondly called) people are potato addicts. On getting to our first point of call, I came out and had a meeting with cold. I went back into the car to get warm. This was absurd. Where I come from the heat sends us back into the car for some coolness.

Not only is the weather ever cold, the people are friendly, cool, accommodating and knowledgeable. There is a passion for entertainment and good films. Despite the crises that come up now and again destabilizing the town and its people, places like the NTA television institute, Nigeria Film Institute and University of Jos have not relented in churning out knowledgeable individuals into the society.

The night life is on a low key though as some parts of the town still finds time to enjoy themselves cautiously. I felt down leaving this town after three days. I haven’t explored enough. It wasn’t modern enough but it held the nostalgia of the old and the vibrancy of the new coupled with beautiful people and cold.

City of Jos (Photo credit; PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP/Getty Images)

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