5 facts about Nigerian artiste you didn’t know

Several people have come out with first hand information of what Nigerian artistes when through in the early days of their career after a tweet asking people to share random facts went viral on Twitter.

Here are some facts you may not know before now.

Ruggedman & P-Square both passed up on the beat of “Gongo Aso”. It wasn’t meant for 9ice. 9ice wrote Gongo Aso to the beat of an already existing song & ID Cabasa took the vocals & laid them on the beat it is on now.

Nigerian Artistes

D’banj & Don Jazzy were expelled from JJC’s 419 Squad right at a show, backstage. D’banj still went on to perform solo at that show, with a song he had written called “Airborne”. He asked Jazzy to do it with him but Jazzy refused as he was too shy.

D’banj once chased Kenny Ogungbe with his CD on foot while Keke was was in his hummer (pardon the pun) begging him to just listen. Keke didn’t accept the CD. When he met Ayo Shonaiya, he did a back flip in the living room while talking just to show he would do whatever it took.

P-Square sold off their cars to finance their “Get Squared” video—they believed so much in the song & the video was going to cost N1.5m (huge money back then) because of the special effects & sets. As an afterthought they shot a B-rated video for “Busy Body”. We know which blew.

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